Case Study: A Bariatric Chair for Stroke Recovery

Case Study - Bariatric Seating, Falls Prevention

Case Study (Bariatric Sorrento): Finding a Bariatric Chair for a Patient in Stroke Recovery

By Martina Tierney, OT & Clinical Director of Seating Matters

Len Nixon is a bariatric gentlemen, approaching 181kg.  After suffering a stroke, Len found himself being admitted to hospital in Belleville, Ontario. 

Because of Len’s bariatric condition he was spending most of his day in bed in hospital, occasionally being transferred by a lift to a chair to sit upright for a short while.  The chair he was using wasn’t very suitable for Len, in fact he claimed he was very uncomfortable and as a result he did not want to get up much to sit in it.

It’s been proven that sitting up as opposed to laying down is beneficial to speeding up the recovery process, so it was imperative to Len’s health and progress to get him sitting up, feeling properly supported and comfortable.

The staff from Belleville contacted the Seating Matters Seating Specialist in the area, Bill, for help.

Bill came along to the facility and provided free education and training to the staff. He demonstrated the tilt in space Bariatric Sorrento to the team.

Due to previous attempts at sitting upright which caused him pain and discomfort, Len was initially very nervous about being transferred into the Bariatric Sorrento. It took 3 attempts, and a lot of nerves and anxiety, but the team got Len seated comfortably in his new chair.

Len in the Seating Matters Bariatric Sorrento

Initially, Len was able to stay up for over an hour but in the first few weeks immediately spent most of the day sitting up in his new chair.  He was much more functional, was able to control his positioning and would tilt and recline himself throughout the course of the day. By using the remote, he was able to adjust his positioning for eating lunch, and simply to look out the window, drastically improving his quality of life.

This contributed to a dramatic improvement in Len’s condition. He began sitting in the chair for extended periods throughout the day and his ability to stand and walk improved tremendously. As a result, he was moved from acute care at Belleville to a rehab focused facility in Trenton, as part of Quinte Healthcare.

Len remarked that the Bariatric Sorrento enabled him to be more self sufficient and he felt more comfortable than he had in months. He expressed to his caregivers that he wanted to spend more time in the chair and less time in bed.

Len’s caregivers are so impressed with the chair and with the progress he has made, commenting “I have never seen anything like this, it is great!”

Len has sent his thanks to all the team at Seating Matters for making it possible for him to get out of bed and be safe, comfortable and supported. 

I am so delighted to see that the Bariatric Sorrento has aided Len’s recovery and is helping him to be more self sufficient and regain his independence. 

Great to see! Thanks for sharing your story with us Len.

If you would like to speak with a Seating Specialist about the Bariatric Sorrento chair please contact us on 1300 001 050 or

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