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Do you suffer from reduced mobility?

Or are you buying a chair for a loved-one who does?

Before you do anything else, I should warn you:

Without a medical seating assessment, choosing the right chair is virtually impossible. You need to know how your body sits.  Otherwise, small, niggling discomforts gradually worsen. It leads to strains, injuries and even permanent damage.

It’s why I’d love to send a specially trained medical seating expert to your home.

Schedule this appointment for whenever suits you.

As I’ll explain in a moment, this limited offer is available to anyone in NSW.

And it’s free.

Martina Tierney

“If you struggle with limited mobility, this assessment has a sudden, dramatic impact on your life. Let me prove it to you – free.”

If you have an NDIS or Home Care Package, your chair could be free

Yes. Schedule my free seating assessment now.

Or give us a call on 1300 001 050 to book your Free Seating Assessment today.

Your clinical seating assessment is extremely thorough.

In fact, it takes a full hour to gather all the information.

But I’m absolutely certain this hour will be a transformative moment in your life.

Your seating expert takes into account your:

… and if you have a nurse or physio, they’re encouraged to be with you also.

Afterwards, you’re pointed towards the perfect chair for you.

And you’re shown which accessories and adjustments will dramatically improve your comfort and happiness.

Getting these details right today transforms your entire life for the better

Let me explain why.

My name is Martina Tierney.

I have over 30 years experience as an occupational therapist. I’m also the author of The Clinician’s Seating Handbook. This currently has 5 Stars on Amazon – and it’s on the bookshelves of respected physios around the world.

My engineer husband and I founded Seating Matters. For over 15 years, we’ve designed and built TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration, Australia) approved medical chairs – individually tailored to you.

Walk through any of Australia’s premier hospitals or nursing homes. Chances are, you’ll see our chairs in use.

And you may notice the amazing difference these solutions have on peoples’ lives.

I have honestly seen our chairs bring people to tears.

Look at what happened to Lindsay when she first sat in a chair especially for her:

If you’re able-bodied – and choosing a chair for a loved-one – you might find this reaction difficult to imagine.

You move around with ease. When you’re uncomfortable, you adjust your position or get up and stretch. You do these things without thinking.

A person with poor mobility doesn’t enjoy these basic freedoms.

For them, pain is a torment to endure.

Imagine sitting through a long-haul flight. All day. Every day. You get a sense of how incredibly difficult life is for them.

It’s why a clinical seating assessment – like the one I’m offering you today – is so very important. And it’s not only a matter of comfort…

Yes. Schedule my free seating assessment now.

Or give us a call on 1300 001 050 to book your Free Seating Assessment today.

Safety is also a huge concern for anyone with limited mobility.

Falls and pressure sores are a common cause of injury. Even small pressure points are a long-term health hazard.

Over time, pressure injuries creep up on you.

      As the chart below proves*:

Your 60-minute seating assessment is – without question – the fastest, most effective way to end this worry for good.

That’s why your seating assessment is 100% FREE

You’re under no obligation to do anything.

You don’t even leave your home.

Anyone who takes this vital first step is astonished by the results:

At your consultation you experience this transformation for yourself .

Your medical seating expert also brings a selection of adjustable test-model chairs. These are altered to your exact needs. Just wait until you sit in a chair that’s tailored to your body and posture.

You will be every bit as amazed.

Of course, I’m hoping you will join those delighted customers and choose one of our chairs for yourself.

But let me make one thing completely clear…

Your free seating assessment is NOT a sales call

As I’ve said, your consultation is with a real medical seating expert – just like me.

I cannot stress this enough: You are not visited by a salesman wearing a white coat.

In fact, if your consultation delivers the results I expect, you won’t need to be “sold” on anything.

Your choice will be obvious to you the moment you sit down.

If you have an NDIS or Home Care Package, your chair could be free

Yes. Schedule my free seating assessment now.

Or give us a call on 1300 001 050 to book your Free Seating Assessment today.

Should you choose a Seating Matters chair, your expert is there to help you select a suitable option from our range. Every detail is considered to…

  • Reduce pressure injuries
  • Reduce pain and discomfort
  • Prevent falls and common skin infections

Famed physiotherapists “Bob & Brad” have described our chairs as, “One of the best gifts you could ever give a loved-one.”

See their full review here:

You are also protected by a cast-iron DOUBLE guarantee. This includes a noquibble 30-day money-back guarantee on your chair. Plus a full 7-year warranty.

How can I offer you such complete protection?

It’s simple.

Your chair is delivered by the same expert who conducted your assessment.

You needn’t worry about any slight detail being wrong.

They know exactly how to set up your chair. Which specific adjustments and accessories are right for you.

Will you take this first step now and schedule your FREE 60-minute home consultation today?

Remember, this assessment is yours with our compliments.

No cost. No obligation. No hassle.

You really have no good reason to turn this offer down.

Please, don’t buy any therapeutic chair until you’ve done this.

Yes. Schedule my free seating assessment now.

Or give us a call on 1300 001 050 to book your Free Seating Assessment today.

Martina Tierney

Founder and CEO, Seating Matters

*These results should not be interpreted as a predictor or guarantee of future financial or clinical outcomes with different patients. Clinicians and users must employ correct decision making, undertake proper assessments, education, comply with local regulations and ensure correct use of equipment. The resulting report from this randomized control trial shows that the study consisted of 38 participants from 3 nursing home settings, who were randomly assigned to control and intervention groups using computer-generated numbers. The study’s results in regard to pressure ulcers has been calculated from the change in pressure ulcers/pressure injuries/skin redness in both the intervention and control group. As a pilot study of a specific nature, it was not blinded. The measurement of pressure ulcers was observational and the analysis of the results included various forms, not including statistical analysis. The study has been reviewed and presented at over 30 academic conferences in 3 continents and is pending publication in a respected peer-reviewed journal. 

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