Do you have difficulty getting out of a chair?

Do you suffer from reduced mobility and find it difficult getting out of chair?

Or are you looking for a chair for a loved-one who does?

A person with poor mobility may not be able to enjoy basic freedoms such as going from a seated to standing position without assistance or without the risk of injuring themselves when doing so.

That is why a lift chair, otherwise known as a rise-and-recline, electric lift or power lift chair can be a simple solution to help a user go from a seated to stand position with ease and without risk of injury.


the denver

People who spend a lot of their time sitting can often increase their risk of chronic health problems, along with the risk of getting pressure injuries.

The Denver chair was medically designed with this in mind, to bring pressure management, posture support and comfort to a riser recliner lift chair.

Not only does the Denver have the stand assist riser function, but it also has full pressure care materials throughout the sitting surface.

The Denver has dual motors, providing leg elevation and tilt in space positioning as well as adjustable recline angle. The tilt in space combined with back recline can reduce sliding from the chair, while the riser function helps the user to a standing position to promote easier independent transfers.

To help prevent pressure injuries, the Denver is upholstered in Dartex – A multi stretch, pressure management material used in all Seating Matters chair. The Denver includes a high grade memory foam seat cushion and waterfall back rest to provide all day comfort and pressure care.

To provide the best possible fit, the Denver is adjustable in seat depth, back rest configuration and has the option of lateral supports to help maintain posture.

All areas of the Denver are able to be cleaned and the cushion can be removed.


We are NDIS registered and regularly work with Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists who have clients on NDIS or Aged Care Packages.

If you have an NDIS or Home Care Package, your chair could be free.

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Denver Chair Features

30-Day Money Back Guarantee and 7-year Warranty

We’re so confident the Denver will be the most comfortable chair your loved one ever sits in, we guarantee it. If they aren’t satisfied with how the Denver chair feels, we will provide a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

Our chairs are so well made we offer an industry leading 7-year frame warranty.

Designed by A World-Leading Occupational Therapist, Researcher and Seating Expert

Seating Matters chairs have been designed by Martina Tierney, an internationally recognised Occupational Therapist, author, researcher and seating expert. Throughout her 30-year career Martina has worked in hospitals, nursing homes and home care, specialising in clinical seating prescription.

After noticing a lack of high-quality therapeutic chairs for her elderly clients, and those with limited mobility, Martina decided to design her own. Together with her husband, a qualified engineer, Martina set out to change the lives of people in need. She designed a range of therapeutic chairs for specific needs and conditions, all with the aim to reduce pain and discomfort and improve function and quality of life.

Each day I realise more and more the impact of seating on people's lives. For these people, the quality of their chair determines the quality of their life.
Martina Tierney
Founder and Clinical Director
Seating Matters

Frequently Asked Questions

The price of the Denver is $3,950 excluding shipping.

We also have hire-to-buy options. 

All Seating Matters chairs are manufactured in Northern Ireland in our world class medical manufacturing facility. 

You can either purchase the Denver in full or use our Rent To Buy Program. Please contact us for more details.

Seating Matters is a registered NDIS provider and our chairs can also be purchased through an Aged Care Package.

We are so confident that you will love your Denver that we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. That means that if you are not completely happy with your purchase within 30 days, you can return the chair for your money back.

Yes, one of our trained Seating Specialists will deliver your chair and set this up to your individual requirements.

Majority of our standard chairs can be shipped within 3-5 business days but if your chair requires any customisation, this lead time may be extended.

No, we do not sell second hand chairs.

Yes, we do have a showroom located in Dural, NSW. You are required to make an appointment with our showroom so please contact us to make a booking.

Real People, Real Relief – Hear Why Everyday People Love Seating Matters Chairs and The Support It Provides…

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Comfortable Electric Motorised Chairs For Elderly & Disabled Adults

Those on the frontline of caregiving gain a window into just how challenging life can become for the elderly and those that have disabilities. The things that we take for granted only become apparent to us when we see the impact that something small can have on the happiness and wellbeing of others.

Chairs for the disabled & elderly, therefore, require a great deal more consideration and thought, compared to those that we are all so used to in our daily lives. Finding a chair that has the needs of those with special requirements at heart can be tough, but fortunately here in Australia, there are options.

Incredibly Supportive Chairs for the Disabled & Elderly

At Seating Matters, we are the industry leaders with regards to chairs for disabled adults. We are at the forefront of innovation and research and even though our products have clinical evidence that backs the claims that we make, we continue to develop and refine. We have over 30 years of experience in occupational therapy and have achieved the benchmark for quality.

We take careful consideration at each step of our processes and our entire team are committed to meticulous attention to detail as well as the highest standards of manufacturing. Testing is a key component of what we do to ensure that our chairs for elderly disabled patients achieve greater results and provide a sense of confidence, comfort and dignity.

How Comfortable Chairs Promote Better Living Standards

Those who work in care and tend to the needs of patients likely appreciate the importance of appropriate seating for anyone with a disability, or who is of advanced age and requires support. There are so many different injuries and problems that can be avoided simply by changing the chairs used for the elderly.

A great chair should help them to maintain mobility first and foremost, which is crucial in many different ways. Community living and social interaction are limited when a patient has poor mobility, which can lead to depression and a sense of isolation from the world they are a part of. This is especially important for those in nursing homes whose families may only be able to visit irregularly.

Comfortable chairs for the elderly should also promote good posture, which will reduce the chances of pain developing as a result of a lack of support. However, it is also worth bearing in mind that where a chair fails to achieve an optimised posture, this puts the patient at risk. They will feel insecure and unsafe, particularly if they start to slide or if they fall from the chair.

Here at Seating Matters, we appreciate that comfort reduces the possibility of agitation and the development of sores and other injuries or wounds. Our chairs are designed to prevent the possibility of infections spreading, but they also may help reduce pressure injuries and sores. Comfort is key to happy living.

What’s more, an electric chair for disabled patients makes it possible for them to maintain a degree of independence that is appropriate, and it also affords their caregivers ease of use and the ability to adapt quickly to the needs of those in their care.

We Are Changing the World of Healthcare Seating

At Seating Matters, we are committed to making a positive impact on the world of healthcare through our revolutionary seating solutions. Our motorised chairs for the disabled and all of our other products can be adjusted to the size and needs of any special care requirement.

We have received countless positive reviews from current and past clients, and the testimonials about the change our chairs have made speak to the quality of the products we provide. So, if you are searching for the best specialists chairs for disabled patients, then look no further.

Seating Matters provides clinical healthcare seating chairs for Disabled & Elderly people in Australia. We sell kyphosis chairs, orthopedic chairs, cerebral palsy chairs, occupational therapy chairs, parkinsons disease chairs, huntington’s disease chairs, tilt space chairs, fall prevention chairs, motor neuron chairs, multiple sclerosis chairs, brain injury chairs, Paediatric chairs & other seating range in Australia. Browse our website for more information or contact us for more details.

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