Seating Range

front view of black Denver leather chair


The Denver chair has been clinically designed to bring pressure management, posture support and comfort to riser recliner chairs. The Denver has full pressure care materials throughout the sitting surface, adjustable posture supports and a stand assist riser function. The Denver has dual motors, providing leg elevation and tilt in space positioning as well as adjustable recline angle. The tilt in space combined with back recline can reduce sliding from the chair, while the riser function helps the user to a standing position to promote easier independent transfers. To help prevent pressure injuries, the Denver is upholstered in Dartex –…

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The Milano provides dignity, pressure care and comfort for people with limited mobility. The Milano has been designed specifically for care facilities to address pressure management, falls prevention, infection control, maintenance of mobility and safe manual handling. The Milano fits people of all of shapes and sizes through its adjustable seat width, seat depth and foot plate height. The Milano has high levels of pressure care and has separate tilt in space, recline and an elevating leg rest. These movements provide a clinically effective weight shift for pressure care without transferring the resident from the chair. The chair is unique…

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The Phoenix accommodates people with complex or changing needs who require high levels of postural support, pressure care and comfort. Due to its customisation, the Phoenix gifts the luxury of comfortable and supportive seating for those who may otherwise not be able to sit out of bed. The Phoenix is often used as an alternative seating system for wheelchair users while still providing postural support and pressure care. Being completely mobile, the Phoenix can be moved throughout a home, allowing the user to maintain interaction with family and friends while relaxing in a comfortable, safe chair. Adjustable head, neck and…

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The Atlanta is a safe, comfortable chair that provides dignity to people at risk of falling, sliding or injuring themselves. The Atlanta can accommodate people who are challenging to seat, and is often used for those with Huntington’s Disease, late stage dementia or in a palliative care setting. The chair is low to the ground and very stable, meaning it will not tip due to vigorous involuntary movements or impulsive behaviours. The chair is well padded and has no areas of entrapment, reducing the risk to the user. The integrated tilt and recline positions the person deep into the chair,…

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The Sorrento chair helps people needing high levels of pressure care, comfort and posture support. It is suitable for people in any setting, including hospitals, care facilities or their own home. For people with high pressure care needs, the tilt in space can be used to improve posture and redistribute pressure. The tilt movements include forward tilt to assist standing transfers for rehabilitation or in self transferring situations. The adjustable back recline will helps people with limited hip flexion and when used in combination with tilt in space it can prevent sliding from the chair. The Sorrento is modular and…

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Bariatric Sorrento

The Bariatric Sorrento is a tilt in space bariatric chair on wheels and can support patients up to 294kgs and has been designed to reduce the risk of injury to the patient and caregiver. Fully motorised to limit patient handling, the Bariatric Sorrento fully accommodates the user’s unique body shape which limits sliding, provides postural support and repositioning. Removable arms also assist with side transferring or sling application and removal The Bariatric Sorrento chair takes into consideration the weight of the client, the body proportions, physical dimensions, range of movement, mobility and transfers. The needs of caregiver safety are incorporated…

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Kidz Phoenix

The Kidz Phoenix is the most supportive and functional of the Seating Matters children’s range to accommodate spinal conditions and provide maximum support to highly dependent patients. The Kidz Phoenix tilt in space chair is clinically designed for complex upper body support in addition to pressure management, postural support and comfort. It accommodates those with kyphotic postures, hyperextension, or those who require upper body and head support. The angle of the back can be adjusted to accommodate the patient and the elevating legrest can be raised and lowered, also increasing patient comfort. The Phoenix will also adapt easily to the…

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Kidz Sorrento

The Kidz Sorrento lends itself easily to changing user needs and is above all else the ultimate in comfort for children with complex medical conditions. The Kidz Sorrento is a simple to operate and functional chair which is designed to improve and maximise comfort as well as provide postural support and pressure management. With its adaptability and effortless adjustability, the Kidz Sorrento paediatric chair lends itself easily to the needs of growing kids or those with changing needs meaning their comfort, posture and pressure management remain uncompromised.  The Kidz Sorrento can also be re-adjusted to suit the needs of a…

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Sorrento 600 Bariatric

The Sorrento 600 Bariatric chair was designed to meet the needs of bariatric patients up to 160kg in weight. With a 600mm (24″) seat width, and all of the clinical features of the Bariatric Sorrento, the Sorrento 600 is widely used in care home facilities. Fully electric tilt, recline and leg rest ensure there is no manual handling by staff. The Sorrento chair helps people needing high levels of pressure care, comfort and posture support. It is suitable for people in any setting, including hospitals, care facilities or their own home. For people with high pressure care needs, the tilt…

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The Monaco has been designed for comfort and mobility with independence at the forefront of its design. It was designed to encourage independence in sitting by supporting the body and encouraging the users to stand up independently with little assistance. The Monaco chair provides stability in sitting without compromising function. Early use of the Monaco can reduce dependence on carers for mobilisation. Together with adjustable back recline, waterfall back, optional lateral supports and pressure management materials, a high level of positioning and pressure redistribution is achievable without compromising the function or independence of the user. The Monaco can accommodate those…

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We are excited to launch the Seating Matters Online Academy.

– A completely FREE Resource for clinicians to learn from anywhere.
– This Online Academy will include weekly webinars from our wonderful Seating Matters clinical team.
– We have always aimed to educate as many fellow clinicians as possible in order to improve the
quality of lives for patients, but unfortunately Covid-19 has resulted in our
training sessions being postponed/cancelled.

We hope that our Online Academy will be a helpful resource during this time.