Ease Of Use

Chairs Designed To Be Easy To Move And Simple To Adjust

At the design stages of our products, we carefully consider the needs of the caregiver and ensure that our chairs are simple to operate and use. Every feature such as the positioning of the castors for easy application, the position and height of the push handle for ease of movement and the accessible adjustments are all essential to create an overall effortless product.

All Seating Matters chairs can be adjusted without tools in less than one minute. 

Multi Adjustable For A Range Of Users

As we are all different shapes, sizes and dimensions and accommodating this in seating is fundamental to comfort, pressure management and posture. Seating should be adjusted to suit an individuals dimensions and position of their joints.

Not only can we fit a chair to an individual user, Seating Matters chairs can be readjusted to suit the needs of another user which is fundamental in multi-use environments and ensure the needs of various users, or the changing needs of a single user, are accommodated. 

Modular components such as seat cushions, lateral supports and accessories can be easily replaced on-site which extends the use and ability to recycle the chair.


How To Adjust Seating Matters Chairs

You will find detailed instructions on how to adjust Seating Matters chairs in each of the product operations manuals, and below you will find some quick and easy video tutorials on how to adjust some of the Seating Matters chairs.

If you would like to view more Seating Matters technical videos, visit the Seating Matters Youtube account here:

How to adjust the milano