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Do you know someone or have a client who could benefit from a Seating Matters chair? 

The best first step is to book a free Seating Assessment. This Assessment will be conducted by one of our clinically trained Seating Specialists, and can take place at the patient’s home, a hospital, or care facility. 

An Assessment generally takes 60 minutes, and includes a no-obligation Seating Matters chair trial. See further information and FAQs below.

Are you ready to book a Seating Assessment? Please ensure you have all patient, medical and funding details available.

Want to learn more but not quite ready to book, or don’t yet have all the details? 

Seating Assessment FAQs & Further Information

A Seating Assessment takes approximately 60 minutes.

A Seating Assessment can take place at a home, hospital, or care facility. 

One of our highly trained Seating Matters Seating Specialists will undertake a complete assessment of the chair user’s seating needs, taking into consideration their medical conditions, personal preferences, living arrangements and current chair.

The Seating Specialist will record critical measurements, including hip width and flexion, alongside notes on sitting and transfer technique.

Steps involved in an Assessment include:

  • Review of any current seating arrangements and discussion of needs with the chair user, allied health professional and/or family and carers.
  • Trial of the most suitable Seating Matters chair based on the individual chair user’s measurements, postural needs and pressure care requirements. This chair will be adjusted to fit the client correctly, taking into consideration things like seat depth, seat width and chair height. Postural supports and further customisations can be added if required. Please note: a carer will be required for any assisted transfers of the client into the chair.
  • Evaluation of the chair user in the chair over a 30-45 minute period.
  • Review and discussion of feedback, further adjustments, options and customisations.

The patient will be spend 30-45 minutes trialling the chair that is recommended by their Seating Specialist. 

A two-week extended trial can also be arranged for $245. This fee includes delivery, set-up and collection of the chair. 

Your Seating Assessment will be followed up with a detailed quote and clinical seating report. You will then have the option to hire or purchase a Seating Matters chair. 

Please note: the above information applies to seating assessments provided directly by Seating Matters. We have a network of highly experienced distributors who provide seating assessments and their methodologies may vary.