Clinical Benefits

Clinically Researched To Help Prevent Pressure Injuries And Falls

The Seating Matters chairs have been carefully designed and researched intensively to help provide safe and effective seating for people in nursing homes, hospitals and those with complex seating needs. We’re passionate about providing chairs that are effective in preventing pressure injuries, falls and contractures. 

Seating Matters collaborated with leading researchers at Ulster University on a KTP Research Project* to identify the importance of suitable seating provision in reducing the incidence of pressure ulcers and postural difficulties.  This randomised control trial explored the effectiveness of specialist seating provision within a nursing home environment and how it has the potential to impact positively on the health and wellbeing of residents and their caregivers. It identified the key principles of correct positioning, seating and mobility and the influence this can have on the health of older people.

Clinical Outcomes

The significant results* have demonstrated what we already believe, that the correct use of clinical, therapeutic seating can lead to:

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*These results should not be interpreted as a predictor or guarantee of future financial or clinical outcomes with different patients. Clinicians and users must employ correct decision making, undertake proper assessments, education, comply with local regulations and ensure correct use of equipment. The resulting report from this randomized control trial shows that the study consisted of 38 participants from 3 nursing home settings, who were randomly assigned to control and intervention groups using computer-generated numbers. The study’s results in regard to pressure ulcers has been calculated from the change in pressure ulcers/pressure injuries/skin redness in both the intervention and control group. As a pilot study of a specific nature, it was not blinded. The measurement of pressure ulcers was observational and the analysis of the results included various forms, not including statistical analysis. The study has been reviewed and presented at over 30 academic conferences in 3 continents and is pending publication in a respected peer-reviewed journal. 

Seating Matters Clinical Research Trailer

Our Purpose

To Change the World Through Healthcare Seating.

Our chief aim is to change thinking, legislation and standards of care towards healthcare seating. In the past few decades, attitudes towards the quality of beds and mattresses have completely changed and they are now viewed as highly important devices in acute clinical settings. Unfortunately, that same attitude has not extended to seating. A chair is often considered furniture, but for those that spend a great deal of time sitting or in bed, a chair is a life-saving clinical aid. It can be argued that incorrect use of inappropriate seating has lead to an increase in pressure injury incidence, preventable falls and has effects on a person’s mobility.

Seating Matters chairs have been designed by therapists and clinicians to help solve a range of clinical problems for adults and children.


Pressure Management

Many people who suffer from long term disabilities, who are elderly or lack mobility often spend long periods of time sitting. When people spend prolonged time sitting, they can become very uncomfortable and may develop poor posture, pressure injuries or both.

Many chairs do not incorporate necessary features for pressure management in seating. These include being able to adjust to a person’s individual size, provide postural support, repositioning for weight redistribution and appropriate cushion use.

Seating Matters chairs have been designed to provide high levels of pressure management through key features. 

Pressure Management is comprised of visco-elastic memory foam combined with Dartex multi-stretch breathable fabric. These materials have been successfully clinically trialed and facilitate safe immersion and envelopment of body prominences which is vital in pressure redistribution.

Not only does the Seating Matters range provide high levels of pressure care, by using its separate tilt in space, recline and elevating leg rest, these movements alone help provide a clinically effective weight shift for pressure care without the need for transferring the resident from the chair.

Postural Management

Failure to address postural management can increase the risk of pressure injuries and harmful secondary complications like fixed contractures, respiratory infections, pain and reduced quality of life.

Supporting optimal sitting posture can improve independence, comfort, communication and interaction as well as physiological functioning. This can be supported by features such as tilt in space, back angle recline, adjustable seat dimensions as well as positioning accessories like lateral supports.


Certain features of the Seating Matters chairs make mobility and transfers much easier for both the patient and caregiver.

A push handle and swivel castors facilitate ease of movement around the home or care facility.

Other features may include:

  • Removable arms which facilitate side transfer onto the bed, toilet or wheelchair.
  • Forward tilt which makes transfers easier to and from the chair allowing the person to stand independently or with the assistance of a standing aid.
  • Patient lift accessibility; the design of the chair frame allows the hoist to glide below the chair when hoisting the patient in or out.

Adjustable And Customisable For All Different Heights And Sizes

We are all different shapes, sizes and dimensions and accommodating this in seating is fundamental to comfort, pressure management and posture.

Seating should be adjusted to suit an individual’s dimensions and position of their joints. This should take into consideration the individual’s seat width, seat height, seat depth, arm height and back height as well as the angles within the chair.

These features can all be adjusted within the Seating Matters chairs and as there is no velcro in the design, it passes very stringent infection control standards and makes re-issue and re-use of the chair very simple.

What We Can Help You With

Our aim is to support you with the challenges faced in achieving your goals and to reduce risks associated with:

  • Pressure management.
  • Falls prevention.
  • Early mobilisation.
  • Posture & function.
  • Wound care & injury prevention.
  • Safe patient handling.
  • Infection control.
  • Patient flow.
  • Bariatric care. 

We achieve this by understanding your objectives and providing evidence based solutions along with a practical training program of simple ways to implement this into practice.

Enhancing Quality Of Life

“Each day I realise more and more the impact of seating on peoples lives. For these people, the quality of their chair determines the quality of their life.”

Martina Tierney, Occupational Therapist & Clinical Director at Seating Matters.

Martina truly understands that seating has a dramatic impact on peoples’ lives, especially for those who sit for prolonged periods of time.

Too many people continue to endure constant pain and suffering because of poor posture and a reduced quality of life from completely avoidable pressure ulcers.  Proper seating can solve these problems and that is why getting the right chair for the right person is so important.

At Seating Matters the patient is at the heart of every decision and we have created a culture of continuous improvement, meaning that our products and services are continually enhanced to provide the best service and help as many people in need around the world as possible.

As the Seating Matters range is backed by its high quality manufacturing and clinical research and being clinically proven to prevent pressure injuries and falls, why don’t you give those in need the gift of comfort, mobility and safety whilst greatly improving and enhancing their quality of life.