CLINICAL SEATING SYSTEMS designed for pressure care and comfort


This practical guide to seating is written by Martina Tierney, OT, and used in academia, in clinical practice and with caregivers around the world to guide their practices around specialist seating.

The handbook contains:

  • Providing practical tips on performing seating assessments.
  • Your go-to guide for supporting various spinal presentations.
  • An extended guide to seating bariatric and paediatric patients.
  • Information on the new staging guidelines for pressure injuries.
  • Expanded, detailed patient case studies.


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Fallout Prevention Chairs

An unexpected fall is something that any person is shocked by. Consider, however, the feeling for a person who is aware that they are going to fall but can do nothing about it. Patients that are in elderly care or those with special needs often possess little functionality and are, therefore, unable to prevent a fall from happening on certain occasions.

A fall prevention chair is an ideal solution but few chairs actually are designed to limit or indeed stop such events from occurring. Fortunately, caregivers and care facilities throughout Australia can access the very best chairs that prevent falls.

At Seating Matters, we intend to transform the world of healthcare seating. As a registered NDIS provider and backed by clinical evidence with regards to their effectiveness in preventing pressure injuries, our chairs set the benchmark for comfortable, functional seating.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a chair for someone with complex disabilities, an elderly member of the community or a person who could use smart solutions that will enable them to maintain their independence, then you have come to the right place.

The True Cost of a Fall From a Chair

While a patient might fall onto a soft surface and incur little harm, it is worth considering the mental impact that such an event can have. Their self-confidence and fear of the world around them may be heightened as a result and so, while seated, they might be afraid of the consequences of falling asleep or sliding forward.

A fallout chair is primarily required to prevent the possibility of injury or hurt being incurred by a patient. Any child that has special needs could find their world much more difficult to navigate and will undoubtedly be much more stressed as a result of a bone-breaking, or open wounds. For an elderly person, even a bruise can take a long time to heal. All of this can be prevented by securing appropriate seating.

Consider the effect that a fall has on someone who is on the road to recovery. Imagine if they had made significant progress, found their confidence and felt positive about the future, only to them fall from their chair and learn that everything they achieved has been undone and must be worked toward once again, except after a potentially lengthy recovery period. It’s a huge setback for both the patient, their family and caregivers.

Finally, care facilities and hospitals can expect to incur greater expense in the wake of a patient falling. Operations may be required, new equipment will inevitably have to be invested in and then staff might have to learn new techniques and training methods, all of which eat into schedules as well as budgets.

We Provide Effective Fall Prevention Chair Solutions

At Seating Matters, our chairs are completely adjustable to suit a wide range of people. Through intensive seating research and an innovative approach to design and manufacture, we have achieved a great deal for those with complicated mobility and functionality requirements. We identified the key principles of correct positioning and the influence that it can have on health and we tailored our revolutionary chairs to meet and exceed these needs.

We are passionate about providing fall prevention chair solutions that are effective and deliver a sense of dignity and safety to patients. We also recognise the role that we play in helping caregivers deliver more effective treatment and support. A free seating assessment is a great way to determine just how worthwhile our chairs are and you can book yours by getting in touch today.

Seating Matters provides clinical healthcare seating chairs for Disabled & Elderly people in Australia. We sell bariatric chairs, pressure relief chairs, cerebral palsy chairs, occupational therapy chairs, parkinsons disease chairs, tub aged care chairs, huntington’s disease chairs, multiple sclerosis chairs, brain injury chairs, chairs for demantia patients & other seating range in Australia. Browse our website for more information or contact us for more details.

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Each day I realise more and more the impact of seating on people's lives. For these people, the quality of their chair determines the quality of their life.
Martina Tierney
Founder and Clinical Director
Seating Matters


The Atlanta has:

Integrated Tilt and Recline for pressure care, safety and comfort of the user. 

Dartex multi stretch pressure management materials throughout all patient contact surfaces. This material is breathable with moisture permeability to ensure that the surface remains dry and comfortable for the user. This material can be wiped down for infection control and hygiene requirements.

Medium to high pressure management cushion, using memory foam. This cushion is removable for cleaning and if you wish to use a different type. An advantage of our memory foam cushions is they do not require maintenance or adjustment for each person, unlike a gel or air cushion. The cushion is also easily replaceable.

Adjustable seat width, elevating leg rest, and sliding footrest allows the chair to fit the size and requirements of the user.

Angle adjustable leg rest for elevating the legs and managing swelling. 

A light weight frame with directional castors to allow the chair to be easily pushed in a straight line or moved throughout a small room.

Suitable For These Conditions

  • Huntington’ disease.
  • Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Parkinson’s disease.
  • Lower limb oedema.
  • Advanced dementia.
  • Cellulitis.
  • Brain injury.

Main Uses

NDIS/Home Care – Care Facilities

Suitable for people at high risk of falling or sliding from chairs including those with rigorous movements and impulsive behaviours at risk of injury.


Useful for those in high dependency wards at risk of pressure injury or falls, e.g. Transitional care unit, geriatric unit, palliative care and mental health.

Parts & Accessories

  • Ramped seat cushion.
  • Pressure management arms.
  • Side pocket.
  • Horseshoe pillow.
  • Concave pillow.
  • Handset holder.
  • Head pillow.
  • Lateral supports.
  • Padded footplate.
  • Removable arm covers.
  • Removable seat covers.
  • Tray table.
  • Four braked castors on chair.
  • Four braked castors on legrest.
  • Variable angle legrest.
  • Stroller wheel.
  • Seat belt.
  • Padded seat belt.
  • Four point hip belt.
  • Hip belt pin release.
  • Pelvic positioner.

Product Video

Case Studies

Finding The Right Chair for Anne Marie With Huntington's Disease

Case Study - Huntington's Disease, Fall Prevention

By Martina Tierney, OT I want to share with you Anne Marie’s Story.  For me, Anne Marie and her family’s story is one as an OT that I hear about often, but it can be difficult to explain the discomfort and danger someone like Anne Marie could be in whilst sitting in a regular arm chair....

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Seating Range


The Denver chair has been clinically designed to bring pressure management, posture support and comfort to riser recliner chairs. The Denver has full pressure care materials throughout the sitting surface, adjustable posture supports and a stand assist riser function. The Denver has dual motors, providing leg elevation and tilt in space positioning as well as...

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The Milano provides dignity, pressure care and comfort for people with limited mobility. The Milano has been designed specifically for care facilities to address pressure management, falls prevention, infection control, maintenance of mobility and safe manual handling. The Milano fits people of all of shapes and sizes through its adjustable seat width, seat depth and...

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The Phoenix accommodates people with complex or changing needs who require high levels of postural support, pressure care and comfort. Due to its customisation, the Phoenix gifts the luxury of comfortable and supportive seating for those who may otherwise not be able to sit out of bed. The Phoenix is often used as an alternative...

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The Atlanta is a safe, comfortable chair that provides dignity to people at risk of falling, sliding or injuring themselves. The Atlanta can accommodate people who are challenging to seat, and is often used for those with Huntington’s Disease, late stage dementia or in a palliative care setting. The chair is low to the ground...

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The Sorrento chair helps people needing high levels of pressure care, comfort and posture support. It is suitable for people in any setting, including hospitals, care facilities or their own home. For people with high pressure care needs, the tilt in space can be used to improve posture and redistribute pressure. The tilt movements include...

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Bariatric Sorrento

The Bariatric Sorrento is a tilt in space bariatric chair on wheels and can support patients up to 294kgs and has been designed to reduce the risk of injury to the patient and caregiver. Fully motorised to limit patient handling, the Bariatric Sorrento fully accommodates the user’s unique body shape which limits sliding, provides postural...

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Kidz Phoenix

The Kidz Phoenix is the most supportive and functional of the Seating Matters children’s range to accommodate spinal conditions and provide maximum support to highly dependent patients. The Kidz Phoenix tilt in space chair is clinically designed for complex upper body support in addition to pressure management, postural support and comfort. It accommodates those with...

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Kidz Sorrento

The Kidz Sorrento lends itself easily to changing user needs and is above all else the ultimate in comfort for children with complex medical conditions. The Kidz Sorrento is a simple to operate and functional chair which is designed to improve and maximise comfort as well as provide postural support and pressure management. With its...

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The Monaco has been designed for comfort and mobility with independence at the forefront of its design. It was designed to encourage independence in sitting by supporting the body and encouraging the users to stand up independently with little assistance. The Monaco chair provides stability in sitting without compromising function. Early use of the Monaco...

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Bariatric Sorrento

Kidz Phoenix

Kidz Sorrento


older lady being held by hands from nurse

Clinically researched and trialled to prevent pressure injuries and falls

Designed by a world leading occupational therapist who understands the clinical impact of poor seating.

Learn more about the clinical research and trial behind the Seating Matters range. 

Ease of use

Learn how easy it is to adjust and manoeuvre Seating Matters chairs with some video instructions showing you just how easy it is.

The benchmark for quality

It takes continuous, careful planning to ensure our chairs are functional as well as being aesthetically pleasing. Each and every part of a Seating Matters chair has been engineered and devised to offer optimum quality and support for the user.

With it’s unparalleled frame warranty, we guarantee our high quality manufacturing standards and stringent testing, so you will be confident knowing you have a high quality care chair.

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Reviews & Case Studies

Do you want to know what other people think about the Seating Matters chairs?

Or would you like to review some real life case studies that will go through various patient conditions and come up with real life solutions that can help provide a better quality of life for each and every patient.

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Do you have any questions or are needing some extra resources?

Visit our Resources page where you will find our most Frequently Asked Questions, where you can book Training With Your Team, and download the Seating Matters brochures and product information.