How To Hire Or Purchase

5 Steps to Hire or Buy a Seating Matters Chair

It’s a simple process, and we’ll be there with you and your patient every step of the way.

They could be sitting in a Seating Matters chair within 24 hours.

Step 1.

Organise a FREE Seating Assessment

Conducted by a clinically trained Seating Specialist. The Assessment takes approx. 60 minutes and can be completed at home, in a care facility or hospital.
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Step 2.

Receive a Seating Matters Chair to Trial

Based on the Assessment, we can provide a chair for your patient to trial, fully set up for their needs.

Step 3.

Get a Full Assessment Report

This will outline the clinical reasons for the chair recommendation, plus a detailed quote for hire/purchase.

Step 4.

Purchase or Rent Your Seating Matters Chair

Your Seating Specialist can discuss options and provide any required support to secure funding. Seating Matters has an extensive range of hire chairs to cater to changing needs or for use while funding is approved.

Step 5.

Delivery of your Seating Matters Chair

The entire Seating Matters range is stocked in Australia, so your client can expect a fast turnaround, often within 7 days. Every chair is delivered by a trained seating specialist to ensure your client is well supported and comfortable.


Note: Some processes and hire options may vary depending on location and your distributor.