Children who require specialist seating are typically suffering from some form of neurological disorder. This disorder can prevent them from being able to stay in an upright sitting position continuously. Specialty seating and adaptive equipment can help to improve the quality of life simply by stabilising their pelvis or trunk.

Seating for Growing Children

In my opinion, the most important feature in a paediatric chair is that it should have adjustability. It is so important that the chair can grow with the child to provide the best possible support and continuity of care. This will help eliminate wait times on new equipment orders and also reduce the cost to the family as the child grows or their abilities change.

Children can be categorised as two types of sitters:

  • Active sitters – able to adjust the position of the trunk and pelvis on their own.
  • Passive sitters – only seated through the use of a mobility device. They are usually unable to maintain trunk and pelvis position actively.

Knowing the type of sitter the child currently is and how they are likely to sit in the future will help determine what type of chair and adaptations are best suited for the child in order to provide continuous care with little to no changes to the equipment that you currently have.

Seating Matters have helped families with children suffering from a variety of conditions that have helped to improve posture, reduce injury and improve the quality of life for the child and their family. You can read more on our children’s case studies here.

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Paediatric Chairs

Are you looking to buy the best pediatric chairs? Then Seating Matters is the right online store for you. Our pediatric chairs are world-renowned for their high-quality and for the clinical evidence that backs them up to show that they really can work. For more information on the benefits of these chairs and the options we offer here at Seating Matters, read on. 

The Chairs We Sell For Paediatric Conditions 

At Seating Matters, we provide two different types of chairs that are ideal for growing children, these are the Kidz Phoenix and the Kidz Sorrento. 

  1. The Kidz Phoenix chair is super easy to use and is the most supportive and functional in our range for children. If they need the maximum support for spinal conditions and are highly dependent then this is a great option. It is specifically designed for upper body support and can help provide more comfort, postural support and pressure management. 
  2. The Kidz Sorrento chair is another great option and is also very easy to operate. It helps to not only provide pressure management and postural support, but it also improves them too. 

You can find out more in-depth details about these chairs right here on our website, but our team are also on-hand if you need help deciding. 

The Benefits of Buying Paediatric Chairs

There are lots of amazing benefits that can come from using these chairs. This includes: 

  • One of the best things about these chairs is that it can help children to focus on tasks such as their schoolwork as they can place their attention on this rather than on any discomfort they are feeling. 
  • Another great benefit of our chairs is that the extra support it provides can help children to join in and socialise with friends. 
  • Often children can experience discomfort or pain when they are eating, but with our chairs helping them sit in an upright position, it can help to reduce any pressure whilst they are eating. 
  • Our chairs can help children both mentally and physically relax as they reduce stress and poor posture. 

The best part about each of these benefits is that this can all lead to happier, more content and more confident children! If you would like to know more about the benefits of our chairs here at Seating Matters, again, get in touch with our team who would be happy to help. Find out more below! 

Learn More About Paediatric Chairs With Our Free Handbook

Would you like to learn more about paediatric chairs before buying one online? If so, please get in touch with the Seating Matters team today. We can send you out a free handbook that discusses specialist seating in more depth and provides the best practical tips for performing seating assessments. This guide is used around the world to help practices choose the best specialist seating for their patients. Contact us now to get more information sent straight to your door! 

Seating Matters provides clinical healthcare seating chairs for Disabled & Elderly people in Australia. We sell kyphosis chairs, cerebral palsy chairs, occupational therapy chairs, parkinsons disease chairs, huntington’s disease chairs, tilt space chairs, fall prevention chairs, motor neuron chairs, multiple sclerosis chairs, brain injury chairs, Stroke chairs & other seating range in Australia. Browse our website for more information or contact us for more details.

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Each day I realise more and more the impact of seating on people's lives. For these people, the quality of their chair determines the quality of their life.
Martina Tierney
Founder and Clinical Director
Seating Matters