The Clinician’s Seating Handbook

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Martina Tierney OT's famous Handbook, used the world over, is an essential clinical resource that contains advice and clinical research to assist you in the prescription and use of specialist, therapeutic seating. The PDF handbook contains:
  • Over 100 pages.
  • Provides practical tips on performing seating assessments.
  • Your go-to guide for supporting various spinal presentations.
  • An extended guide to seating bariatric and paediatric patients.
  • Information on the new staging guidelines for pressure injuries.
  • Expanded, detailed patient case studies.

The Clinician’s Seating Handbook is used in academia, in clinical practice and with caregivers around the world to guide their practices around specialist seating. This useful resource is designed as an accessible, practical guide to enable you to improve patient care through specialist seating.

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