Sydney GoFlat

The Sydney GoFlat™ seat has been designed to enable safe and efficient transfer of critical care patients from lying in bed to a fully seated, clinically optimised position offering care professionals new options in early patient mobilisation.

Advancing early mobilsation

The Sydney GoFlat can form part of the initial process of getting patients out of bed, helping in both the physical and emotional rehabilitation of critical care patients.

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Product Features

  • Full lie flat chair
  • Enables lateral transfer of patient from bed to seat
  • Integrates neatly with ICU bed
  • Independent arm adjustment – fall arrest during transfer
  • Seat height adjustability to draw level with bed
  • Hip alignment to ensure correct placement
  • Tilt in space function for repositioning
  • Removable mattress for infection control
  • Castellated mattress helps prevent shear
  • Combination brake and directional castor
  • Support bar at the head in layflat mode
  • Ergonomic handles for ease of movement
  • IV and O2 integration to allow movement throughout the facility

Clinical Benefits

Sydney GoFlat incorporates the Seating Matters principles of pressure management to ensure that when repositioned and sitting out of bed that the patient is supported correctly to reduce the risk of pressure injuries.

Fully Go Flat Seat


IV & O2 Integration

Integrates with ICU Beds

Sydney GoFlat Mid-Res (24)
Sydney GoFlat Mid-Res (4)

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