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Our clinical team at Seating Matters is made up of occupational therapists, nurses, and a doctor of physical therapy so we have a unique understanding of our patient needs when it comes to seating.
We are changing the world of healthcare seating and through this blog we are educating fellow clinicians with informational videos and how to articles,  as well as sharing key industry news, and highlighting research to support evidence based practice.

The Four Principles of Clinical Seating

Pressure injuries pose significant risks to the mental and physical health of patients. Recent groundbreaking research has highlighted four key principles that, when addressed, ensure optimum pressure management and patient comfort. Do you know them all?

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Why Do We Use Tilt in Space?

Tilt in space is a critical feature of clinical seating, where a chair physically tilts the seated person backwards without changing their position, or the angle of their hips, knees and ankles. Why is this so important? Which angle of tilt in space is right for the patient? And which Seating Matters chairs offer this feature?

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Common Mistakes Made When Using Pressure Cushions

By Martina Tierney, OT I’m often asked about pressure management in seating and specifically in relation to the cushions. There is a lot of incorrect information out there in terms of pressure management and cushions, so I wanted to write an article to outline some of the challenges around this…

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Atlanta Case Study – Margaret (81yo, Risk of Pressure Injuries)

This is the story of Margaret, an 81-year-old nursing home resident, who was at high risk of developing pressure injuries in her existing chair.

The Atlanta was customised specifically for her needs, enabling Margaret to maintain a midline position, reduce the swelling in her lower limbs, gain independence, and no longer rely on pain medication.

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Phoenix Case Study – Ben’s Story

By Seating Matters, Case Study, CVA, Osteoarthritis, Kyphosis This case study is a real patient scenario. The images have been created from real photographs taken with permission. This is a real person in a real situation but illustrations have been used in order to protect their identity. Images & Content…

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Seating vs. Bed Rest for Posture & Pressure Case

By Martina Tierney, OT Bed rest has been prescribed to patients for hundreds of years for those suffering from illness or injury or following an invasive surgical procedure. In the mid-1940s the beliefs around bedrest and its value began to shift. It was found that soldiers in the Second World…

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